Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

I love Christmas. It has always been my favorite holiday, and I hope it continues throughout my adult life. I love that Zach and I are both off of school and we don't have that added pressure. I love all the decorations and lights. I love getting gifts for other people and anticipating their expressions when they open them. Tonight is Zach's family's Christmas Eve party. We went last year and it was lots of fun. His aunt is a great cook and we don't see them very often even though they live about 10 minutes from his parents and about 30 minutes from us.

Knitted presents are almost done. Mom's scarf is almost long enough. I think she will like it. It's simple, but it's knit with chenille yarn so its very soft and warm.

Simple, but I think she will like it. I will get pictures of the hat up later... its close to finishing and looks weird right now so I will just wait. I should really get a digital camera... I use my cell phone for pictures right now. It works pretty good for a phone, but the quality just isn't there.


  1. Hey did you get Zach's neices scarfs made?

  2. I got a scarf for Christmas in that exact same color with sparkles!

  3. Scarves were made and finished on time :)Now it's onto the baby blankets (2!) for my boss's twins... she is due in March