Thursday, August 27, 2009

Coming and Going

I have been bad about blogging... I worked a lot last week, and we are leaving for Boston either tonight or tomorrow, so I wont be able to post for a while. But, on a sad note, the Socks for Soldiers sock had to be frogged. Completely. After 8 straight rows of 2x2 ribbing. I'm still not quite over it, but I hope to knit on it during our trip and get back to where I was. Maybe. And as silly as it might sound, I'm going to use a lifeline this time!

Not too much else is new. Elliot is getting big. I hope to have pictures of not only him but also from our trip. Hopefully no camera problems.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Christmas in August!

Not really. But that's what this blog post will be focused on. I told you all about the hat I'm making for my niece, Sydney, last post, so here's the rest of the list. But before I get to that...

I think I mentioned a few months ago (June?) about how I had purchased the interchangeable circular needle set from Knit Picks. I got the nickle plated set, and really have enjoyed them. Until a few days ago. I'm knitting Sydney's hat magic loop method, so I'm using my interchangeable circs from the Knit Picks set. Everything was going along fine until I realized that one of my needles kept coming loose. I would re-tighten with the little tool they give you, but a few rounds later, it would be loose again. Then I realized that the needle head must be stripped inside, because I could keep turning the needle even when it should have stopped. No biggie, I thought, I'll just finish Sydney's hat and deal with it and then order new size 6 needles in my next order from them. Last night was the final straw. It was gotten so bad that the needle and cable came apart because there was hardly any tension from the grooved part of the inside of the needle tip (does that make sense?!?). Anyway, I don't think I'm hard on needles, I've never had a problem like this before (Knit Picks needles or not). So that's that. I have to wait the week or so to get my tips in because I'm not going to have the needle fall apart on me again and have to go fishing for stitches.

Anyway, on to THE LIST. Since I already told you what I'm making for Sydney, I'll start with her sisters. Hannah is 13, and Brandee is 10, and I'm giving them both fetchings in their favorite colors. I had mentioned I was making fingerless gloves for a friend of mine, and they both wanted a pair, so I thought that would be a nice, easy, and quick gift for the. I'm using Knit Picks Shine Worsted for those. I'm also making my dad and brother hats. I'll use Stepanie Pearl-McPhee's no pattern hat pattern (same as Sydney's) and add striped in colors they like. They both wear beanie type hats outside a lot, so I know they will appreciate and use them.

Those are the major presents I'm making for Christmas. You will notice they are all small, relatively easy, and quick. I want to make hand knit gifts, but I don't want to go crazy trying to make sure they are done by Christmas. Also in my Ravelry queue is the Invisibility Shawl out of Charmed Knits. I'm not really a lace person, but I liked the simplicity of this, and I will make the small one so I can wear it more like scarf. I got some Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud to make this. Also, some friends of mine are gatting married in May, and I want to make them some washcloths and dishtowels. More on that as it gets closer as I am still debating what exactly to do.

Am I crazy for having all this planned out already?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And the rest

So I didn't really take any pictures while I was down getting Zach. I think they frown on your taking pictures of a military base and then posting them on the Internet anyway, but I may be wrong. But what I do have is a very funny video from one of the first nights Zach was home. *DISCLAIMER- no animal was harmed in any way in the making of this film*

This was so funny the first time when we did it. This video is actually the second go, and clearly Elliot had smartened up a bit. but its still funny.

On to knitting stuff... I have been busy. Mostly thinking and planning, but some knitting too. I'm still working on the afghan that I made up the pattern to, and I probably will be forever. Also still have my Socks for Soldiers socks on the needles. The pictures on both of these are awful, and I apologize. I'm hoping that either Friday or Saturday I will be home during the daylight hours so I can take better pictures near a window with natural light. I also started socks for my mom that I am using the pattern Twilight for. This pattern is from the book 2-at-a-time Socks by Melissa Morgan-Oakes. I really enjoy this book, and even though I haven't managed to knit 2 at a time on magic loop, I understand it.

Lastly, I have been working in Sydney's hat. You probably remember how I was confused by the sizing in the old pattern I was using. Yes, I said old. I'm no longer knitting the earflap hat. I decided a few days ago that for the older girls, I would knit fetching fingerless gloves. I had mentioned I was making them for a friend, and they both thought they were really cool, so i thought that would be a quick easy project they would like. That left 2 skeins of yarn in a purple and pink that I was originally going to use for their hats, since I had to order different yarn for their fetchings (different weights). I decided to follow Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's (aka Knitting GODDESS) pattern for the No-Pattern hat (ironic, I know). I'm going to add stripes using the yarn from the other girls hats, and I think it will turn out lovely. If not, oh well.

Next post I hope to expand on what I'm knitting the rest of my family (since only one of them ever reads this, I think I'm pretty safe) for Christmas, and what other projects I hope to finish by the end of the year.

Chaos. Absolute Chaos

*Warning* There will be no pictures in this post. Pictures will follow... sometime.

In the last 2 weeks a lot has happened. I got really ill, rode down to North Carolina anyway with my parents for Zach's graduation, got to see Zach for a total of like 6 hours before heading home again, had my flight canceled, rode the rest of the way with his parents, got in at 4:30AM August 1st, drove home from their house and arrived home at 5am. We did various activities that involved church picnics, retrieving cars, seeing more of Zach's family than I didn't even know existed, went to Darien Lake for Kingdom Bound, got burned really bad because we got stuck on a ride, worked for a few days, went to fair a few times, had a flood in my hometown where my parents live and where I work, and lastly helped my parents unload their basement (this was last night).

I told you it was chaos.

Not to mention I now have my husband back. Which is great. But it definitely takes getting used to... on both ends. He's not used to being here and I'm not used to having him here. But things seem to be falling into place and I think (hope, pray, etc.) that the chaos can go visit someone else for a week or so. Please?

PS- I will be getting random pictures up sometime. Of what? Nothing is certain but pictures of Elliot... because there are ALWAYS pictures of Elliot.