Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chaos. Absolute Chaos

*Warning* There will be no pictures in this post. Pictures will follow... sometime.

In the last 2 weeks a lot has happened. I got really ill, rode down to North Carolina anyway with my parents for Zach's graduation, got to see Zach for a total of like 6 hours before heading home again, had my flight canceled, rode the rest of the way with his parents, got in at 4:30AM August 1st, drove home from their house and arrived home at 5am. We did various activities that involved church picnics, retrieving cars, seeing more of Zach's family than I didn't even know existed, went to Darien Lake for Kingdom Bound, got burned really bad because we got stuck on a ride, worked for a few days, went to fair a few times, had a flood in my hometown where my parents live and where I work, and lastly helped my parents unload their basement (this was last night).

I told you it was chaos.

Not to mention I now have my husband back. Which is great. But it definitely takes getting used to... on both ends. He's not used to being here and I'm not used to having him here. But things seem to be falling into place and I think (hope, pray, etc.) that the chaos can go visit someone else for a week or so. Please?

PS- I will be getting random pictures up sometime. Of what? Nothing is certain but pictures of Elliot... because there are ALWAYS pictures of Elliot.

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