Monday, April 13, 2009

Yay! FO

So I finally finished something! Its a very small and easy something, but I did that on purpose. I felt like I needed a jump start and hopefully seeing this finished project will help. This was taken just before finishing the last repeat.

So anyway, there's my lovely Eastery dishcloth. I still have the twins blankets to finish... I'm setting a goal for May 15th to have them done. Maybe I'll take pics soon. I also want to figure out who is getting handmade gifts for Christmas this year and start on those. I'm starting WAY early this year so maybe I actually get them done. Yolanda is getting some cute penguin washcloths as a going away/moving gift for when she goes off to college in the fall. I would also like to make Zach something while he is gone, but I want to get a few more projects under my belt first. SO many projects, so little time!

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