Friday, September 18, 2009

I Give!

It has been an awful 2 days. Nothing has gone drastically wrong, but many things have not gone right. As for the aforementioned podcast, the idea is taking a break for now. It isn't a good time for me to start something new, and I've hit so many roadblocks its not even funny.

I did do one thing today that made me a little happy. Well, two actually. The first was that I went through my queue on Ravelry on put all the yarn for those projects, plus a label saying what the pattern was and who it was for, into a ziploc bag. That way I can still see the yarn (as the bags are clear... did I need to say that?) I also started to organize my office. If I do a little bit everyday, it should be done in a week. It's very frustrating to do it for too long... so I worked in there for 20 minutes or so today.

I think I need some tea.

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