Friday, September 4, 2009

More information to follow

We are back from our Boston/Maine trip and it went great. I hope to get pictures up soon. One of the highlights of the trip (for me anyway) was getting to shop at Webs! For anyone who doesn't know, Webs is the biggest yarn store ever (that I know of). Not only do they have a large store, they have a warehouse attached... all full of yarn. I was pretty good... didn't buy one of everything. Next post should have more pictures and details of what I bought. A lot of it (ok, maybe half) was for projects already planned. The reason for this being short and abbreviated is that we are leaving again. Tonight. It's just a weekend trip to Rochester, so nothing major, but I still have to try and get everything from one suitcase, washed, and into another. Another words, more information to follow.

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