Thursday, September 24, 2009

Smores... Not Just for Summer Campfires!

I LOVE smores. And I make them year round. But there is a special skill, or know-how, to achieve the perfect smore indoors. And I'm going to share how I make mine!

Need: Marshmallows, Hershey's chocolate, honey graham crackers, something thin and sort of long (skewers or chopsticks work great, a fork can be used in a pinch)

Take out one graham cracker and break it in half. so you have 2 squares. Place 1/2 a Hershey's bar on one of the squares. Turn on the burner for your stove but turn it down to medium-low. Place the marshmallow on whatever thin implement you found, and rotate it over the small flame rotisserie style until it becomes soft, golden brown, and has swelled to about 2x its original size. Place it on the chocolate and use the non-chocolate covered graham cracker half to slide it off the (skewer, fork, etc.). Cover, and enjoy!

PS... this is great with a cold glass of milk!

PPS... it's VERY easy to get caught up in eating your smore and leave the burner on. This is NOT recommended. Please remember to shut the burner off!

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