Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I am thinking I may never learn to knit socks. I've tried dpns and 2 circulars, I've tried 2 different patterns, and its been at least 3 weeks. I'm thinking I may have to break down and find a class to take. Maybe The Woolgathering in Brocton (the yarn shop I have been going to the past few weeks) offers one. I'll have to ask next time I'm in.

I'm also frustrated because I cannot find my copy of a book that I am knitting the scarf for my cousin from. I get a lot of books out from the library, knitting and otherwise, and those usually are under the end table next to the couch or on the floor right in front of it. Sometimes my own get mixed in the piles, but if not they are usually in my office with the rest of my knitting stuff, except for my current wip's, which sit in a basket next to the couch. Granted, I only had about 4 minutes to look last night, but as I didn't see it in either place it frustrates me that it would even be anywhere else.

My friend is still in the hospital. It really bums me out that she's there and that they haven't released her yet. Some minor things went wrong, and they aren't letting her go until at least this afternoon, maybe tomorrow. I was planning on knitting some fingerless gloves for her anyway, but now I really wanted to get a move on so she could wear them when zooming around on her crutches. Maybe I could also make a huge sock to put over her cast once she can get fitted for a hard one. Anyway, off to do homework instead of knitting. Last full week of school with papers and exams at the end of the week.

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