Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Home again

I'm finally adjusting to my normal schedule after my crazy trip to North Carolina to see Zach. We had a really nice time just hanging out, driving around to see different hings, and watching the fireworks from our hotel window across the river. It really was a great trip. Getting home was a completely different matter. The airport I flew out of was so tiny the same people that worked the desk for the airlines were also the flight crew. It was crazy. My first flight was delayed, which was going to make me miss my connecting flight in Charlotte, and they told me there wasn't another one they could get me on until 4AM Monday. I was so upset I walked outside and called Zach and my parents. It wasn't a pretty call. My dad advised me to take the flight to Charlotte, whenever it came in, and that I would probably have more luck getting on a flight from there than trying to do it through this tiny airport. When the guy put me back on the flight to Charlotte, he stuck me on a flight to Buffalo that they told me earlier was full. I had a 3 hour layover in Charlotte, but I was just glad to be going home.

I have pictures from the trip that I will have to put in a later post. I also got some YUMMY yarn from a little shop 10 minutes from where we stayed. The shop was called Weavers Webb, and they had a nice selections of yarns, knitting and crochet supplies, and weaving supplies. I was really surprised that we found it, because it wasn't something I had looked up. I practically ripped Zach's arm off when we passed it trying to make him turn around, which he did. He even went in with me and helped me pick out yarn. What a guy!

So, more pictures and project updates to come. Hope you 4th of July weekend was as great as mine was :)

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