Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rough Patches

It's been a rough few days, with losing our friend on Thursday, but we're making it through. It helps that we have so many other friends that knew him, and we're all supporting one another. It will be a while before we are able to have get-togethers without that weighing over everyone's head.

On a more positive note, I have managed to get some knitting done. Nothing finished, but I have started the heel on my "lets try this again" socks. I have been plugging along on Sydney's earflap hat... I'm hoping it will fit. I had talked in an earlier post about the sizing issues with this pattern. I'm not totally in love with it, but I think I will see how it goes. I may end up frogging it and making something else. We'll see. Then there are the "New Bern" socks that I started on my trip to NC on one magic loop, because I didn't have dpns (see? I'm flexible). Those go much faster than my other socks because the yarn is heavier. I'm kind of dragging my feet on those until I get further with my other projects, if that makes any sense.

Today's project is so clean out my office some. It's become a dumping ground for wedding presents with no home and military junk alike. I did manage to get most of my yarn stored in the entertainment center before sitting down to write this. Off to more cleaning... hope your weekend has been less depressing than mine.

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