Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Progress is as progress does

I have actually made decent knitting progress the past few days. I have 4 squares done for my charity baby blanket I am working on. Can't remember if I have mentioned that before or not. While I was looking for yarn to start Socks for Soldiers socks I decided to make a baby blanket with squares. The ladies were picking on me because I only get one square a week done... which is the square I do during our knitting time. I really should start working on it during the week too so I finish it before Christmas.

I also have almost finished the heel flap on my "lets try this again" socks. I'm excited to get further on those, but I can almost feel like I might get second sock syndrome. I am going to have to explore doing 2 socks magic loop. My other socks, the New Bern socks, I am doing magic loop and they are going pretty well. those socks are fun to work on because the yarn is so squishy and pretty colors and its thicker than the other yarn, so it goes faster. But I'm trying to make myself work on other stuff like...

Sydney's Thorpe. It's still going... it just seems to take forever. Probably because I only do a row or two at a time because I get bored. The yarn is nice... but I'm frustrated with the pattern. I wish I would have done the fair isle version because this one is boring and plain. I may just rip it out and start again. Also there was the whole sizing problem. Let's not get started on that again.

So all in all its working out pretty well. Maybe I should have Alex here more often :-)

And lastly... a picture of the crazy kitten...

Elliot: I have to eat to be big and strong!

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