Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baby Blankets!

I started the second baby blanket finally! Zach and I stopped at JoAnn's today and I got some blue/white/green yarn that looks nice for a boy :) Now I just have to make them super quick before the babies get here!

Car is still in bad shape. Not sure if/when I will get it back. In the meantime I think my dad is going to give me what would be my brothers car if he had a job to pay for it. Mind you, the last time I drove one of "Danny's" cars, I blew it up along the 90. Not something I want to relive anytime soon.

So Zach had to go to Walmart to get notebooks and binders etc. because he started school today, and I figured while we were there I would get some since I start next week. Most depressing thing I have done since put the Christmas decorations away! I do NOT want to go back. I know its the right thing to do. I know its what makes the most sense. But this does not make me want to do it. Do I really have ot go?

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