Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wedding Progress

Whew! It has been a wedding planning marathon. I had lunch with my mom, aunt, and cousin at the place my aunt wants to have one of my showers. The food was excellent and its a cute little inn/restaurant. That's booked now. Then I think the guest list in FINALLY done. YAY! Invitations and thank you cards are ordered, addresses are being compiled, food for the reception is chosen. Cake decisions will be made this week, the Moose will be booked and deposit made this week, and hopefully I will still be sane!

I remembered what the next knitting project I wanted to start is... can't say it on here in case the certain someone reads this, but it will be fun. Baby blanket is coming along nicely... I would estimate its at least 8 inches long. Not bad for about 2 weeks of work. I have a feeling a lot of it will get done over the next few days... its my stress reliever :) I think I might have to hide the alcohol... kidding. Maybe.

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