Saturday, January 3, 2009

Life after the holidays

I'm lucky. Even though I love the holidays, I never get that post-holiday slump. Maybe this year it had something to do with planning a wedding... that I got my dress for yesterday! I LOVE IT. And because we found out yesterday that everyone's (including my bridesmaids) dresses had to be in by yesterday if we didn't want to pay at least $15 extra per dress... everyone got their dresses yesterday! Karen was even a good sport and picked hers out via pictures sent to her phone! Thanks everyone! Not the way I would have liked to do it, but now its all done and out of the way. Still plenty to do... got to get the guest list finalized. I HATE doing the guest list. It's terrible because you just want to be able to invite everyone and its not possible.

I'm off to work for the day. Hope everyone has a nice, cold Saturday! Movie night tonight!

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