Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wedding Pow Wow Recap

So we had our "pow wow" last night with the two set of parents and I think it went pretty well. We are hopefully going to the Moose tonight to check it out and pay down the deposit and make the appointment to meet with the caterer. Decorations are coming together... the only thing that isn't really caught up is the flowers. Ugh. Do I HAVE to have flowers? I really don't see the need... but i will anyway.

Blanket is coming along... I've been trying to work on it in car rides when Zach drives. I think I'm another four rows up or something like that. I went to go see Theresa in the hospital today... she had her baby girl yesterday! She is still in the ICU but she will be fine and the baby is fine. I didn't get to see the baby but maybe sometime in the next week when things settle down I can pop over for a visit with Karen. I'm going to visit Shannon tomorrow... so many babies! I know I wont be having any for a while, but it seems like everyone else is!

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