Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Pasta Salad

Elliot continues to amaze me. Not because he is brilliant, however. He ate pasta salad today. Like actually chewed and swallowed 2 noodles with Italian dressing and cheese. No veggies for him though. He truly is a special cat.

I'm trying to be productive tonight. I actually got 15 more thank yous done. Its so sad. My wedding was three months ago. I can't even really use the school excuse anymore cause I've been done for 3 weeks now. They take a while cause I'm handwriting each one and its not a hard-and-fast message I'm writing in them, because some people just sent money and did not come to the weeding, some came, etc. I just finished baking cookies for Zach's care package I plan on sending our Friday. I still have to get some necessities he asked for (sunflower seeds, sour patch kids, bug lotion, and a red bulbed flashlight) but at least I know what I have to get.

I was thinking today as I looked about my living room, why does it seem like one never has enough space? before we got married, I never really paid attention to trying to make everything seem like it belonged and making it look organized. I swear it was because we didn't have as much stuff, so it wasn't an issue. Now, however, its like we always have random stuff I can never find places for, or not enough space in places I try to make for things. It's frustrating. I think after I get back from visiting Zach I'm going to block one of the weekends I have left and completely clean the apartment. I'll try to get all the basic stuff caught up before then (dishes, laundry, vacuuming, etc) so that I can focus on organizing. I think I'll need one whole day for my office, so maybe I'll save that for Sunday because it will be the most time consuming and the least important. We don't hang out much in there (ok, Zach only really stores stuff in there and I haven't been in there since it became the place to store stuff from the wedding we don't know what to do with) so if it is the only room that doesn't get done, I wont be to broken up over it.

Wow, that was a really long ramble on how I need to be more organized. Sorry for that. Made me feel better though :)

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