Friday, June 26, 2009


Its pretty warm up here. I say up here because I have been tracking the weather in Jacksonville, NC because its as close to where Zach is as I can get. We have been as warm if not warmer than them this whole week. Don't get me wrong, I love it warm. But its SO humid today. Yesterday we had thunderstorms and the humidity seems to have carried over.

No new knitting to report, sadly. Although I did neglect to mention that I started a charity knit and crochet group at church this week and it went pretty well. I'm hopfully going to be casting on a hat for chemo caps this weekend so I at least have something to take with me to the meeting to show I did something. Other than that, mostly what I have been working on. Socks... are going, but going slowly. I had ripped them completely out after getting past the heel on Tuesday night because I messed up on the heel flap, but decided to keep going to figure out how the heel worked. Figured I had made it this far, might as well get over the hard part before I rip it out. I have only done a few rows done after casting back on the other night. Still have the crochet squares blanket of my own design going. The squares only take me an hour or so to do, but usually other things seem more interesting :) I plan on having that done for this fall though. I need to start Sydney's earflap hat... I have three of them to do so I might as well get going. Sydney's will be the smallest, so I figured I would start with hers. If you look at my previous post, her hat will be made witgh the Marlin colorway of Knit Picks comfy bulky.

Even the kitten is warm...
Poor kitty. Hope your day is less sticky than mine!

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