Sunday, June 28, 2009

Progress, Progress

Sydney's Thorpe is coming along nicely. Here is an update:

Sorry for the poor picture quality. I took it with my camera phone in a dark area of my living room. I'm pretty pleased with how it is turning out and with how quick it is going. Normally I am not a quick knitter, and I've managed to get this much done since yesterday morning.

I feel very organized... about my knitting anyway. Today I gave more thought to what I want to make people for Christmas, since I decided to try and make a lot of my gifts this year. I picked out a hat that I will make for both my father and brother and queued those, along with the other two Thorpe's for my nieces and a lace shawl and felted knitting basket for me. I know it seems kind of crazy; me planning and working on Christmas knits. But now is a good time for me to start, and I probably wont get a whole lot done in the 2-3 months Zach is home from August to October. Plus, like I mentioned before, normally I am not a fast knitter, so if I want to get all this done and actually sleep the week before Christmas, it makes me feel better to start now.

I want to make a lap blanket for my mom for Christmas, but I don't want anything difficult or too involved. The cat always sits on her lap anyway, so I know this will get covered in cat hair, which is why I will make it out of machine washable yarn. But I can't really find a pattern that is calling out to me to make it for her. The Cable Comfort Throw is nice, but I'm not sure its what I want to make.

Danny, my brother, is getting a beanie for Christmas. But he mentioned how a scarf would be nice, especially while he is refereeing games at college. So now I have to find a nice scarf that he would actually wear and make that for him too. I think I will make it in gray, but put stripes of the slate blue that I am using for his hat. I also want to make his girlfriend, Amy, a scarf for Christmas. The yarn I want to use doesn't have great stitch definition, but its super soft, so whatever I decide to do can't be super intricate because you will never see it.

Decisions, decisions!

I recently because a member of the group Socks for Soldiers (or SFS). I have to say, at first I was a little put of by what they ask of their members and all you have to do to become one. But Kim Opperman is super nice, and is only strict because she wants the best for our service members. Obviously this charity is near and dear to my heart with Zach being in the military. I really hope that I can get good enough at socks that I can crank them out and really help contribute.

Lastly, a cute picture of the kitten!


  1. What a cute picture of Elliot! It's Elliot right?

  2. Haha yeah. He can sleep anywhere!